Newborn Prep Guide

Kati Schwieger Photography


  • If you decide to book your newborn session with me, I will put your due date in my calendar. Once your baby is born, please contact me right away so we can confirm our date and time. Babies are best photographed in their first three weeks of life. They are still sleepy, curly, and their baby acne has not quite set in.  After these first two week, babies are much harder to get to sleep and we will have a more difficult time posing them. I do all newborn sessions in my studio at 3130 O Street.

  • Be prepared for a session to last 1.5-3.5 hours depending on how well baby sleeps, cooperation of siblings, etc. After family portraits are done, siblings are free to be picked up by a grandparent or other adult or if possible and two cars have been driven to the studio, one parent can take them home. Making the session as smooth as possible is always our goal. 

  • Before coming to the studio on session day, please keep your baby awake as long as possible. Also, please feed baby RIGHT BEFORE you come to the studio or when you arrive. This combination helps for a sleepy, full baby and will keep him/her asleep, hopefully, for the entire session. This is imperative for a smooth session.

  • I ask that you also bring a pacifier to soothe baby during the session. Other essential items are a blanket, diapers, wipes, a sleeper that buttons or zips, burp cloths, bottles (if you are not breastfeeding or if you pump), etc.

  • I photograph babies in their birthday suits. Don’t worry, their bity baby parts will not be showing in their photos.  Newborns do not fill out clothes well and I would be happy scheduling a session down the road when they have grown some more if that is what you would prefer.

  • We will do parent photos with baby as well as sibling photos (if needed) and family photos. All of these will be done first. It is best for you to wear a solid colored shirt, preferable white or black- camisoles for women and solid t-shirts for men.  See my Pinterest page: for ideas. The studio will be warm and you may change after family photos so bring something that will keep you cool.

  • If you have any special headbands, hats, bracelets, bonnets or specially made rompers or pants/props for your newborn, feel free to bring them. I provide these things as well but you may not love what I have and anything personal for your baby or family makes the photos much more special.

  • My goal is to have them sleep almost the entire time. This means you arrive, feed, change, and then we get baby to sleep. If your baby is acting hungry during the session, I encourage feeding baby as much as he/she needs. It is not a problem! The session will go much more smoothly if baby is comfortable, full, and happy! I will move baby around a lot during the session so it is important that he/she be in a deep sleep. Before arriving, it is helpful to give baby a warm, soothing bath, dress them in warm clothes, and keep them comfortable. Do not stress too much about keeping them wide awake but it would not be beneficial for them to take a several-hour nap before their session :)



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