12 months

ONE YEAR OLD! What a milestone! It always amazes me (and I will probably tell you this) how much babies change from their newborn session to their 1 year session. And HOW FAST that year goes! It is a special session and should be treated as one!

To prepare for your 12 month milestone session:

  • Set up your session at least 2 months before your baby turns 12 months
  • What to bring to your session:
    • At least 1-3 outfits for a few different setups
    • If you want some sort of food "smash" i.e. cake, spaghetti, pancake, etc. 
    • Balloons if you want
    • Any props that you want for a "themed" set up
    • Any items you want your baby photographed with
    • If we do a food smash, please bring a couple towels, wipes, paper towels, things to clean up you & baby
    • If you are doing family photos, a change of clothes for you and others
  • This session is a FULL session; meaning you will receive up to the album download of 25-30 edited images
  • This also means we can do family and/or sibling photos; but not mandatory
  • Depending on weather, we can do this session either in the studio or outdoors. If we decide to do a food smash, unless the weather is warm/calm, studio is a better option
  • IMPORTANT INFO if you are doing a cake/cupcake/sweets smash:
    • PLEASE have your child try cake/cupcake/sweets or whatever you are wanting them to "smash" before photo day. If this it the first time they are eating this food, they may not like it or not know what to do with it :)
  • If I am given enough notice, I do not mind getting some simple themed items ready for your session. I need to know the theme and the items you are wanting
  • Please fill out this form before your session